Annually Craving Memo - Food For Thot

Many projects at school

At school it feels like we are well under way now, with all subjects. After this week everybody is up and running in both of my subjects. It feels good. My 6-graders work with values ​​and why the clown seems to smile, but it is sad, and how we are the same at times. The 7-graders will be working with René Magritte and surrealism. The 8-graders are talking advertising and commercials and the 9-graders are working with contemporary art. It feels very stimulating, and fun and quite challenging with so many projects.

Renovating at home

There is both nice and hard to be renovation at home. Its nice when its over and you can see the fine results, but sometimes its hard to be living in the middle of it. But its good to think positive and try and look forward. Maby you get to know more things and you see things in a new light. Yes you might for an example learn more things about miniature precision pumps, perhaps. Something i didn't know what it was but now I do and thats good that I got to know more things. I think that is ...


My plans for today are as follows. Within half an hour I will bring the kids to school. On my way back I have to do some groceries. I want to make soup for tonight and I have nothing in the fridge to make soup. I think it will be vegetable soup. After the groceries I have to do some administration for the Dutch school and I have to write some small stories. Maybe there is some time left to vacuum clean the living room. At three pm I have to pick up the kids from school and there is ...


When driving back from the Netherlands to Sweden last week we saw a great example of a very nicely custom designed lcd. It was built in a display at a restaurant and it showed us obviously the menu and several events that would take place that week. The nice thing about it was that from a distance one would not really notice the screen unless you knew about it and I think the designers did a great job here. I like looking at such things, they give me ideas on decorations in my own house. Not always usable, but sometimes.